For identification of the reef life I’ve used these books by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach.

reef fish reef creature reef coral reef fish behavior

Useful websites:

infobonaire The official website of Bonaire.Info about hotels, carrental,diving, news, webcams etc.
stinapa STINAPA Bonaire is dedicated to the conservation of Bonaire’s natural and historical heritage through the sustainable use of its resources.
marinelife Photo site Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach and Eric Riesch
bonairenieuws News site
marine species This site offers information on thousands of different species in the world’s oceans and seas.
tourismbonaire The tourist site of Bonaire
seaturtle STCB protects the sea turtles of Bonaire
ciee CIEE Research Station Bonaire is one of nearly 200 study abroad programs offered by CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange).
bonairetalk If you like to talk with other Bonaire lovers or just looking for info
crf CRFBfounded in 2012. The mission of CRFB is to develop affordable, effective strategies for protecting and restoring the shallow water population of staghorn and elkhorn corals.