Some lizards on Bonaire are very beautiful. The whiptail lizard, or blau blau as the locals call it, is seen at many places where people come. They always look for food. That’s how you can lure them to you. The male has the brightest colors. Looking at the young of the green iguana you know where it’s name comes from. The local name is chicken lizard, they taste like chicken. I can’t confirm that.

Lizard, iguana, anolis

Crab and butterfly

The little heremite crabs come out at night. I’ve only a few pictures of a butterfly. I don’t know its name.


Bonaire is also famous for its birds. The flamingo is the national symbol. The airport is named after it. Sometimes I’ve rented a place at the beach. Everyday I saw the pelican fishing, the turnstones and doves come looking for bread crumbles. The parakeet is known as Lora. There are mostly 2 of them. They can make a lot of noise. If there is a fruit tree in the garden, they might come everyday to eat the ripe fruit. The hummingbirds are difficult to photograph. They move swiftly between the flowers. There is a green and a red species. The bananaquit is known as sugarbird. If you hang something sweet outside, they will come. I have seen them drinking cola at the the airport.