This page is for the specials. From some fishes I have so many pictures that I wish to share, but are too many to place in the other pages.
But I start with the hawksbill sea turtle. This series is from April 2016. I found this one sleeping. She woke up, and got confused. Looking at me and my buddy, she didn’t know where to go. This time my husband took some pictures of met with the turtle. Later, at the end of the dive, we saw her again. Now she was very hungry. She shared her meal with a queen angelfish. I have a movie when she shares a meal with a french angelfish.

In 2016 I saw many green morays. Sometimes only in their holes, but also free swimming. Then you see how big they can be! In one dive I saw 3 of them. This series is made on the double reef, where he crosses from the first to the second reef.

Some years I see a lot of great barracuda’s, other years hardly. Some are just under the surface, others are on the reef. Mostly alone, sometimes two. One time I went into to the water when the sun went down, so there was still some light. Looking up to the surface, I saw a group circling above me. They look scaring, but, like the green moray, they are more afraid of the divers and will swim away when you get to close. Just never provoke them and show some respect. Charlie was the big great barracuda who lived near the Hilma Hooker back in 1986.