Some fishes are easy to overlook, so good is their camouflage. They can adapt their color to their surroundings. Or they just hide between corals.

I always look for seahorses. But they are so hard to find! In all the years I’ve only seen 3. And only 1 I found myself. Very unexpectedly at The Lake on the outside of the second reef  at 26 m I saw this seahorse. He didn’t do much. Just sitting there. Swimming back to the first reef, I saw an eagle ray below me on the sand, feeding. Couldn’t go down anymore. But I could follow it for a while, taking pictures. In March 2016 I found another seahorse. This time I had a light instead of a flash with the camera. Now I have a beautiful color picture of the seahorse!
You don’t want to step on the scorpionfish. It hurts like hell! (so I’m told) Better wear booties. It hardly moves from its spot. Once in a while I see him swimming: he has beautiful colors on its fins. Have to be quick to take a picture, he only swims short distances.
The colors of the peacock flounder is very light when he lies on the sand. Perfect camouflage. But then he shows himself by swimming away when I get a little too close for his comfort. He doesn’t trust his own camouflage.