Angelfishes, Damselfishes, Butterflyfishes, Hamlets

The angelfishes are just beautiful. I always enjoy seeing them. The damselfishes can be very aggressive protecting their territory. They attack you and other fish, big and small. The butterflyfishes always swim in pairs. If you see 1 alone, its partner isn´t far away.


The french and smallmouth grunts often swim in mixed groups. Other fish will join them, like young parrotfishes. Safety in numbers.
In 1986 I saw a big school of black margates. Then for many years only 1 or 2 together. In  2003 and 2015 I saw the big schools again.

Jacks, Mojarra

The bar jack is a real hunter. I see them often around schools of chromis or boga. When the school makes fast, evasive movements, you know they are being hunted. I love the palometa. I think they are beautiful. In 2012 I saw 2 african pompanos deep under me. A few days later they came very close, swam before my face. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me then! A year later I saw them one more time.

Red colored fishes

Some very red fishes. Without the flash they turn grey. The bigeye and the snapper are night fishes. But I see them more and more during the daytime outside their hiding places.


Other small fishes

There are always brown chromis, and never alone. Sometimes big schools with feeding chromis are swimming in the blue water. Often predators are hunting. Blue chromis  and creole wrasse often join them. The schools of surgeon fish are often mixed with blue tang. they swim very fast, dive to the ground, pick up some food and move away.
Most fish are found at any depth. But the sunshinefish live in deeper water. At the 34 meters I saw a group of juveniles at the touch-me-not sponge.